Download: Electricity: RTE 2007 statistics of production and consumption

Technical Results of the Electrical Sector in France for 2007

This summary document contains statistical data on in particular: consumption and production of electricity in France, exchanges with abroad, network load curves, type of primary energy, outages, etc.

- General results in France
- Consumption France
- Energy movements
- Evolution of market
- Production France
- Network equipment
- System operation
- Access to the transport network
- Evolution over 15 years
- International comparisons
- Terminology

This brochure presents provisional results, expressed in rounded values ​​due to various estimates.

The data come from measurements made by RTE, supplemented by different actors of the electric system and by estimations of RTE.

Data from the 2001 to 2005 years have been partially updated to include additional information provided by the various players in the electricity sector.

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Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Electricity: RTE 2007 statistics of production and consumption

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