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Communication and Controversy on eco-assessments, the expertise in question .pdf of 25 pages published in 08 / 2008.


Can we call this a manipulation of opinion? Still, extraordinary pressure tactics have been in place for four years to delay the launch of first generation biofuels. The attack comes as much from oil companies as from green agriculture. First-generation biofuels would be as bad, if not more, than gasoline and petroleum diesel. In addition, this production will starve poor countries. To read the whole
dispatches and various positions taken, the ADEME study carried out in November 2002 by the Ecobilan company and the “PriceWaterhouseCoopers” firm is called into question.

The results according to this study from an energy point of view

The energy yield defined as the ratio between the energy returned to the non-renewable energy mobilized for the wheat and beet ethanol production sectors is 2 compared with the efficiency for the gasoline sector of 0,87.
· The energy efficiency of the wheat and beet ETBE sectors is close to 1 against a yield of 0,76's MTBE sector.
· Lastly, the EMHV sector has a high energy efficiency close to 3, compared with 0,9's diesel fuel efficiency.

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The results on the greenhouse effect

Also according to this study, from a greenhouse gas balance point of view, biofuel production channels also show a significant gain compared to fossil fuel channels.
· The impact on the greenhouse effect of the gasoline sector is approximately 2,5 times greater than that of the ethanol sectors considering the hypothesis of total combustion of fuels which results in a gain of approximately 2,7 tonnes CO2 equivalent / tonne for the current scenario.
· The greenhouse gas balance of the diesel sector is approximately 3,5 times higher than that of the EMHV sectors, ie a gain of 2,5 tonnes equivalent CO2 / tonne.

The reports concerning the study of current sectors also show a good current positioning of the sunflower and rapeseed (EMHV) sectors compared to the ethanol and ETBE production sectors of biofuels.

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