Download: DPE in France, the hunt for fraud and incompetence

Report broadcast in Additional Investigation on November 30, 2009 concerning Gaspi Hunting

Compulsory DPEs have brought a lot of margoulins to the market, according to the report! This does not mean that all professionals in the sector are incompetent, but just beware of guys who do not spend more than 10 minutes doing your DPE, as well as figures "too good" to be "honest".

Finally, know that the average in France is 240 kWh / m².an, new home included!

- EC on the waste hunt
- Another video on "anything from some DPE"
- Is my DPE correct?

Do you have any doubts about a DPE that we have carried out for you or for a third party? Click here and we'll try to help you!

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