Download: Desulfate, recover and regenerate a used lead battery

Electronic assembly to improve the performance of lead-acid batteries which have been sulphated over time and / or improper useEditing published in Elektor in 2001.

Completely unthinkable not long ago, this regenerator can breathe new life into old lead accumulators, totally or partially sulphated. In addition, the project also takes care of new batteries by giving them a kind of preparation.

A recent scientific publication notes that 80% of lead-acid batteries break down after a certain time due to sulphation. It occurs with age, as a result of improperly programmed charge-discharge cycles or because of too long storage when they are insufficiently charged. This is what often happens on a motorcycle or sports car that is forced into "hibernation" for a good part of the year.

Elektor had already provided a first approach to a solution for several years with a preventive project intended to keep the batteries in good condition during a long period of inactivity. We come back to this today with a whole new concept.

- Desulfation mount for 12V or 24V lead acid battery
- Followed by a recovery of a battery in very strong discharge.

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