Download: Survey Complement. Nuclear, the disaster that changes everything

Additional Survey of April 18, 2011: “Nuclear, the disaster that changes everything” following the Fukushima disaster

Since March 12, the whole world has lived to the rhythm of explosions and radioactive leaks from the Fukushima plant. Day after day, everyone discovers the fearful lies and approximations of the operator Tepco. As engineers struggle to regain control of reactors, what are the Japanese really risking? But what about France, where each inhabitant lives within 300 km of a reactor? EDF claims to have the safest power plants on the planet… as the Japanese claimed a few weeks ago! What are the most fragile plants? What happens to them when they no longer produce current, do we really know how to dismantle them? Is it necessary, as in Germany, to prepare for the end of nuclear power, and to bet everything on renewable energies?

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