Download: Green certificates: scheme and method of calculating the purchase price of green electricity

The green certificates scheme as part of the opening of the Electricity Market in Wallonia.

Document of June 2003 but still relevant in 2008

Summary and area of ​​green electricity production concerned:

• The objectives pursued
• Principles of the Green Certificate Scheme
• The essential concepts relating to the Decree
- The principle of calculating the green certificate
- Calculation method
- Emissions from reference installations
- In summary for designers
• Some typical cases
- Wind turbine, hydroelectric power station
or photovoltaic
- Power plant from biomass
- Natural gas cogenerator
- Oil-fired cogenerator located outside
a GN distribution area
- Fuel oil cogenerator located
in an area served by natural gas
- 50 MW natural gas cogenerator
- Cogenerator from biomass of 25 MW
• Practical arrangements for the organization of the green certificates market

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