Download: Calculation of a solar exchanger

Estimation of the area and length of a single copper tube solar exchanger (without fins) immersed in a solar thermal buffer

Spreadsheet .xls (OpenOffice compatible) allowing to determine the surface and length of a solar exchanger for solar tank or thermal buffer. This exchanger is the primary solar exchanger, it is therefore mounted on the primary circuit side. This is the exchanger found at the bottom of the solar balloons on the market.


- Surface of a sensor
- Number of sensors
- Total sensor area
- Solar power per m²
- Total solar power
- Delta T °
- Pipe diameter in mm
- Coefficient of performance of the exchanger


- Coil surface required
- Coil length

Learn more and ask your question: construct a heat exchanger made of copper et example of a wooden solar house using such an exchanger

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Calculation of a solar exchanger

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