Download: Construction and laying of an underwater gas pipeline

Construction of an underwater gas pipeline by Medgaz (Algeria Spain Europe gas pipeline)

The submarine pipeline will be built using a “Lay Barge”. This consists of using a boat or a mobile platform in which the tubes will be welded before being laid on the seabed.

There are two methods for this type of installation: "S-laying" and "J-laying". The first can be applied both in shallow areas and in very deep areas (up to 2.500 meters). This involves welding and laying the tubes in a horizontal position, so that the pipeline will take an “S” shape when it leaves the boat to the point where it rests on the seabed.

The "J-laying" assumes that the tubes are welded in a vertical position. It is only used for depths between 400 and 3.500 meters, depending on the diameter of the tube. As the platform moves forward, the pipeline plunges under the sea vertically in a "J" shape, from the point of launch to the bottom.

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MEDGAZ will be able to use both systems for the construction of the gas pipeline in very deep water. Following we describe the pose in J ...

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