Download: The ecological bonus new cars, questions and answers

All about the Ecological Bonus: series of questions and answers by the French Ministry of the Environment.

Read the generalities on the principle of ecological malus bonus.

General Questions

Another new tax on cars!

We are only trying to give an advantage to clean vehicles financed by a tax on polluting vehicles. The device is completely neutral. The objective is not to fulfill the
State coffers!

When we look at the car market, we see that the penalty is ultimately only 25% of sales. Clearly, for 3 / 4 French, at worst, it costs nothing and at best, it pays.

What is the general philosophy of measurement? Why now ?

The bonus-malus is the first concrete application of the Grenelle Environment Forum. For the first time, a country has introduced a competitive advantage over clean products and penalizes polluting products. This is the start of a process which will then concern around twenty consumer products. The idea is that consumers are pushing producers and distributors to move towards ever more virtuous products.

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What is eco pastille? What is the difference between eco pastille and bonus-malus?

In fact, these are two different devices but there is only the bonus-penalty that applies.

The eco-badge had an annual character and related to the detention of the vehicle. The bonus-malus plays directly on the act of purchase: its objective is to introduce a little "ecological footprint" in the price of products.

The following in the document.

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