Download: DeDietrich GT120 cast iron or gas fired boilers

Technical presentation of the GT120 DeDietrich range: floor boilers in cast iron or oil

The GT 120 are cast iron boilers from 16 to 39 kW of useful power, with high efficiency, developed and sized for new or existing individual homes and with a particularly modern and innovative design.

These boilers are grouped mainly in 2 families:
- 120/1200/1200 V GTUs delivered with a preset low-NOx oil burner integrated into the casing. Sealed models for suction cup connection are available in addition to all the classic models connecting to a chimney.
- GT 120/1200 to be fitted with a choice of an oil or blown gas burner: different burner models are available as an option.

The "domestic hot water" offer includes new high performance tanks:
L 160 and L 250: horizontal tanks to be positioned under the boiler: GT or GTU 1200 models LI 130: 130 l tank placed under the boiler and integrated under the casing: GTU 1200V

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The strengths of these new boilers are:

- Very resistant eutectic cast iron heating body allowing operation at modulated low temperature.
- Design of the 3-path flue gas circuit and through fireplace leading to a useful efficiency of 92% with very good combustion hygiene.
- 3 control panels of your choice, protected by a transparent shutter, can be mounted and connected very easily to all boiler models by a “drawer” type system and color coded connectors.
- All DHW tanks are fitted with completely new design boiler / tank connection kits with rigid - formable corrugated stainless steel hoses, a connection piece incorporating a degassing function and a charge pump fitted for injection.
- ...

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