Biogas, installation manual for a methanizer

Installation manual for a bio-digester for biogas

Original text: Biodigester installation manual. Lylian Rodriguez and TR Preston University of the Tropical Agriculture Foundation. Finca Ecologica, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Partially translated by:

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In this section:

- Fermentation process
- Location of the bio-digester
- Materials needed to make the bio-digester
- Preparation of the plastic tube (polyethylene) which will serve as a bio-digester
- Installation of the gas collection system
- Installation of the waste inlet tube in the bio-digester
- Filling of the plastic tube with air
- Installation of the bio-digester
- Adjustment of the water trap (gas exhaust valve)
- Adjustment of the gas tank
- An application of biogas: cooking food
- Connect the waste disposal to the biodigester
- What to do in case of trouble
- References

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