Download: Engine test bench, realization study

Realization of an engine test bench. Technological Research Project, ENSAIS 2001, J.Vilquin.

Study context.

Following the final project of Vincent GORISSE on the implementation of a test bench motor climatherm laboratory, my goal is to install this test bench with everything it entails ie :
- controls outside the safety enclosure
- measuring equipment (air flow, fuel flow, oil-water and exhaust gas temperatures, as well as oil-water pressures, etc.)
- control and measurement console

An additional problem was added to my study following the breakage of the transmission gimbal: study of the torque transmission to the SCHENCK water brake. (Is it necessary to suspend the engine via engine buffer and must drive by cardan or a rigid shaft coupled with an elastic member), which may require a modification of the engine supports .

Analysis of the existing

For the moment, the 1,9l turbocharged engine of the Peugeot 406 is coupled to a SCHENCK water brake which exerts a resistant torque by means of a simple cardan equipped with a flector ensuring the absorption of shocks.

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Water circulation is diverted in a water / water heat exchanger to determine the power exchanged.

The oil circulation is diverted into an oil / water exchanger. Two PALLAS energy meter boxes provide us with the necessary information regarding temperature differences as well as the powers exchanged.

31 document pages in .pdf format

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