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aviation piston engines

“Thermal engines” course project carried out in January 2001 by C.Martz and C.Stefani, Mechanical Engineering 3rd year at ENSAIS (became INSA Strasbourg in 2003).

Summary and content

1. Evolution of piston engines in aviation
1.1. History engines
1.1.1. The first engines
1.1.2. Piston engines
1.1.3. Jets
1.2. The influence of the plane on auto
2. Technology existing reciprocating engines
2.1. Role of a propellant, general
2.1.1. direct drive motors
2.1.2. indirect propulsion engines
2.2. piston engines: power and performance Notion
2.2.1. engine performance
2.2.2. propeller efficiency
2.2.3. overall performance
2.3. Different types of piston engines
2.3.1. Online engines
2.3.2. Radial engines
2.3.3. Engines flat
2.3.4. V-engines
2.4. Primer on propeller
2.4.1. geometric characteristics of a propeller
2.4.2. Limits of a helix
2.4.3. The propeller with variable pitch
2.5. Variation in the power of an aircraft piston engine
2.6. Operation of propeller phasing circuit
2.7. Features of an aircraft engine relative to the automobile
2.7.1. The special components
2.7.2. Study carburetion
2.7.3. Overfeeding in aeronautics
2.7.4. The recooling
3. Replacements for aviation piston engines
3.1. Other propulsion systems
3.1.1. turboprops
3.1.2. turbojets
3.1.3. the stratoréacteurs
3.1.4. The rocket engines
3.2. The replacement of piston engines: the example of Canadair
3.3. Diesel engines: the example of Renault engine Morane

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