Download: Agropellets in the Tarn by Ecovalorys

Biomass energy valorization by agropellets

Energy recovery project through the creation of an agropellets factory by the Salvagnac wheat agricultural cooperative.

The originality of the project comes from the mixture of different local organic sources, namely - examples:

- Wood storage co-products: 1 to 500 T
- Oilseed cakes: Increasing quantities
- Corn cobs 3 to 4 t
- Straw 10 to 13 t
- Sawdust, pruning branches 12 to 16 t
- Wine-growing residues: 8 to 15 t

But also to set up specific energy crops:
- Cynara
- Switchgrass
- Sorghum Fiber
- Miscanthus
- Hemp
- Arundo
- Triticale

Learn more

- The Miscanthus
- Properties of agropellets

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