Download: Grenelle de l'environnement, the bill

Draft program law relating to the implementation of the Grenelle de l'environnement. National Assembly, Sessional Service Law Division. 18 October 2008, pdf of 75 pages.

Summary concerning CO2 and energy consumption.

Fight against climate change

(…) The commitment made by France to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by four between 1990 and 2050 by reducing
by 3% per year, on average, emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (…)

Reduction of energy consumption of buildings

(…) Thus, “all new buildings covered by a building permit application filed from the end of 2012 and, in anticipation from the end of 2010, if they are public buildings and of buildings assigned to the tertiary sector, have a primary energy consumption below a threshold of 50 kilowatt-hours per square meter and per year on average ”(…)

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The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector by 20% by 2020, in order to bring them back to the level they reached in 1990 by then.

Energy consumption

The development of standardized construction processes, with quality charters, to guarantee the energy efficiency of buildings will be encouraged. (…) With the objective of withdrawing from sale from 2010, France will support projects to ban light bulbs with high energy consumption within the Community framework. In agreement with the professionals concerned, in particular the distributors, the State will endeavor to anticipate European deadlines.

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