Documentation of the project Laigret

Laigret project: technical documentation and information

Here are the information that we were able to meet and in the Laigret project.

These documents come from research done on this topic: Laigret project, documentations. The reader to refer to it for additional information.

- ESAIP study, 2009: transformation of organic residues into oil by fermentation of anaerobic bacteria

- ESAIP study, 2009: synthetic oil by fermentation from organic waste

- Section of Science and Life 1949

- Two Reports from the Academy of Sciences

Academy of Sciences

- A recent article on the work of Laigret

Academy of Sciences

- Article titles and scientific work 20 15 page: bacteriological research on the problem of natural gas and oils

- Inst Archives. TUNIS pastor XXIV Issue 1, 1935: Simple cultivation of anaerobic microbes technical

- Biography of J. Laigret on the Institut Pasteur website

- France Soir August 1947

France Laigret evening

Summary of the article:
- Precise date of the Laigret experiment: June 15, 1947
- A new name appears: Mr Laugrier, rector of the Academy of Algiers.
- The strain is identical to the other articles
- Biomethane is not ONLY of cellulosic origin! (important)
- There is no CO in Laigret methane (unlike conventional biogas)
- Oleic acid gives the best results
- Analyzes made by the Department of Mines in July 1947! Documentation to seek!
- 1 g of soap = 1cm3 of oil (in another article we had 4 grams for 3 cm3)
- Temporal aspect: the transformation is very fast (unlike mineral oil from which the false popular belief arises that it takes millions of years for oil…!). Certain oils can therefore be synthesized very quickly!
- And finally, and this is what brings a lot of hope to the project: Laigret was discreet with regard to the Press (so the sources of information that we have for the moment) on many points for economic reasons. Which probably means that some (the most interesting?) Results have never been published.

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- Carrefour September 1947

Laigret crossroads

Summary of the article:
- Professor Mailhe: synthetic oil at the end of the 20s
- Professor Chavanne: ethanolysis of the oil = probably ethanolic diester (the current classic diester is methanolic, a product of petroleum origin)
- Roger Francois: carbonization and pyrolysis of oleanigeux to obtain light gasoline
- Dr Zobell, fermentation oil from desulfovibrio bacteria

- Alger Républicain, August 1947 Dr Laigret discovers the origin of petroleum

Laigret Republican Algiers

- The role of anaerobes in Nature

Laigret crossroads

- Doctor Laigret's patent

- The text of the re-transcribed patent

- Article September 1947 in the Republican Centre

- The Dispatch from Constantine and East Algeria of August 1947

- France Soir April 1949

- France Soir May 1949

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