Documentary vegetable oil by 6Clones

The documentary from the 6clones association on HVB.

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The 6clones student association produced a report of very good quality, both in terms of content and form.

Faced with so many qualities, we wanted to promote this documentary and the 6clones association. Here is a brief presentation of the association as well as the documentary.

The genesis of the association

The association was born from a simple reflection: the price of oil increases inexorably, this energy is dangerously exhaustible and polluting but no one seems to really care.

Yet, there are other ways to keep things clean, why do you stay in the shadow of the media and the general public?

From there, we created the 6clones association. The name 6clones comes from the fact that we were 6 students when the association was created, it means 6 identical wills to make things happen. This obviously has nothing to do with cloning ...

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The achievements of the association

a) The documentary

Our first job was the production of a documentary to present an alternative to oil for diesel engines: crude rapeseed oil (HVB).

This oil allows you to drive cleanly and economically since, purchased directly from a farmer, its price per liter (excluding taxes) is at least 60% cheaper than that of diesel.

This documentary produced in the form of a road movie goes to meet the actors of this solution (Roule ma fleur, Valenergol…) to understand their motivations and get their opinion on the current situation. We finished this film in Paris in the ADEME offices for to try to understand why the government banned the production of HVB for transportation.

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