Documentary: RAS Nuclear, nothing to report

Nuclear RAS documentary, nothing to report, EDF and nuclear subcontracting! Documentary broadcast on Arte in May 2009

Nuclear workers come out of the shadows to paint a worrying picture of their working and safety conditions. An exemplary survey.

They are called "jumpers", they are responsible for entering the steam generator to seal the pipes that connect it to the nuclear reactor. Maximum authorized stay: 90 to 120 seconds, under penalty of radioactive overdose! They are part of the mass of temporary and underpaid workers, in charge of maintenance in nuclear power plants (decontaminators, mechanics, inspectors, etc.). Shadow workers who, with this film, for the first time come out of silence to paint a disturbing picture of one of the jewels of European industry. Since the liberalization of markets and the privatization of energy groups, working conditions indeed seem to be deteriorating, to the detriment of workers' health and safety. In the name of profitability, EDF / GDF-Suez, Areva and the others resort more and more to subcontracting, cut back on staff and maintenance, put pressure on employees ...

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