Green dictatorship against consumer dictatorships

Last week, AFP published a dispatch of which the following is the introduction.

“Ecological dictatorship” or courageous gesture for the environment? The inhabitants of Marburg (west) will in the future be obliged under penalty of a fine to acquire solar panels, an experiment which is debated in Germany.

On Friday, the city council of this university town of some 80.000 inhabitants, led by a Social Democrats / Greens coalition, is due to officially adopt its controversial "solar charter." "

The text provides that any new house built in the pretty medieval city will have to be equipped with solar panels (…) for heating and hot water.

This obligation will also apply to buildings already built, but which change roofing or heating system. All at the expense of the owners.

"We are facing a green dictatorship, but nobody dares to say anything," laments opposition politician Hermann Uchtmann.

"It is not with constraint that we achieve anything," assures for its part the association of property owners Haus und Grund.

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"Green dictatorship"! Damn, the word is released and relayed by the largest French press agency ... either but in this case, there would be many other "dictatorships" in our world ...

To start with:
- the oil dictatorship,
- the dictatorship of appearance,
- the dictatorship of advertising,
- the all-car dictatorship,
- the dictatorship of profitability,
- ...

In short, we could sum it all up in a generic term of the dictatorship of over-consumption or money ... but the system is well done: unlike political dictatorships, in our moral dictatorships of consumption, few people are aware of their enrollment ...

Let us not forget the real oil dictatorships either ... but these concern very few of us: out of sight out of mind…

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