Sustainable development

France has established a National Sustainable Development Strategy - SNDD -
which is based on three axes: solidarity, lucidity and efficiency.
This strategy sets out the possible orientations to replace the being
at the heart of public decision-making, to synergize
protection of our planetary heritage, industry, agriculture,
tourism, the use of forests, and to reappear
territories and their assets in the management of urban and rural spaces,
in particular by a reflection on the transport systems and on the stakes
biodiversity and high-quality natural spaces. The education of
everyone, transparency of decisions and diplomacy are the three tools
to improve the daily life of citizens in our universe
current characterized by globalization, interdependence and
progressive constitution of a world community responsible for the future of
the planet. But what about Israel's position on this issue?
This report refers us to studies and files dealing with this theme.

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Origin: French Embassy in Israel - 4 pages - 13/11/2002

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