Two conferences in Nantes

We are announcing the holding of 2 “curious physics” conferences at the CNAM in Nantes from May 31 to June 07

1) Tuesday May 31 19h. What energies 2050?

By Jacques FOOS (Doctor of Science, professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, holder of the Radiation, Isotopes and Applications chair, Director of the CNAM Nuclear Sciences Laboratory, Chairman of the Department of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Sciences, Vice President of the special and permanent information committee at the Cogéma la Hague establishment (CSPI).)

The demand for energy continues to increase, in particular from the so-called "emerging" countries but also developing countries, while oil and gas reserves are inexorably depleted. How to reconcile these two antagonistic facts while respecting at the same time the protocol of kyoto on the emission of greenhouse gases and sustainable development? what are the possible scenarios?

2) Tuesday June 07 19h
The Big Bang and stars, crucible of the material.

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By Jacques Martino (SUBATCH laboratory Director, Mines Schools Teacher of Nantes)

If it is obvious to "say" that we are made and surrounded by matter, it is another question of how and why "these" elements? Comments did these elements form in the universe?

The answer is fourfold: the Big Bang, the stars, the explosion of the stars, the cosmic rays. The understanding of this crucible is now accessible and this in part thanks to the Pandora's boxes opened by Albert Einstein: quantum theory or quantum mechanics, special and general relativity.

The presentation - as educational as possible - will aim to explain the “how” of the creation of matter.

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