Floods paralyze Western Sahara

EL AYOUN (AFP, 24/12/05) - The region of El Ayoun, capital of Western Sahara, is practically paralyzed and isolated from the south of Morocco because of the torrential rains which fell there at the beginning of the week, we learned on Saturday from concordant sources.
Many roads are cut in particular, we learn from the same sources.

Residents of El Ayoun, whose homes have been flooded, according to images broadcast by 2M television, on Saturday called on the authorities to act to provide assistance and end the isolation of the region.

"I lost all my possessions, I don't know where to go with my children," said a stay-at-home mom, lashing out at the authorities' lack of interest over the plight of residents.

Torrential rains fell Tuesday and Wednesday on this part of the Sahara, whose climate is arid all year round.

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