Emergency aid to fishermen Arcachon

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BORDEAUX (Reuters) - Emergency aid of 400 euros was promised to each sailor the Bassin d'Arcachon in Gironde, whose average income over the last three months was below the minimum wage, we learn a union source .

According to Alain Argelas, president of Arcachon union of seafarers, shipowners and bosses (Samap), four communes (Arcachon, La Teste-de-Buch Le Teich and Gujan-Mestras) agreed to grant this emergency aid to sailors, after the lifting of its blockade of the Arcachon marina.

Advances on fuel prices and an increase in average 10 cents per kilo of fish for sale at the auction were promised on shipowners to pay the crews, do we added the same source.

Thirty sailors were blocked during the weekend the entrance to the marina to protest against rising fuel prices and the lack of a recent government envelope 80 million. (Note econology: Not only is this a temporary solution but additionally this represents approximately 80 time it would take to get things well in R & D Pantone This measure therefore obviously goes contrary to any advances in research. for a sober engine ...)

Joined by the fishermen-owners and ship owners, sailors had lifted the blockade on Monday night, after the promise of meetings Tuesday under the authority of sub-prefect of Arcachon.

The port is committed to pay for three months an advance of 5 euro cents per liter of diesel consumed by trawlers.

"This is not a feeling of total satisfaction, but at least these measures will allow us to go back to sea and this is the essential," said Alain Argelas.

The fishermen pay the 0,52 euro diesel per liter whereas it should, according to the union, the fuel is to 0,30 euro for fishing to be profitable.



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