Involuntary discovery

The light of the future will not be in light bulbs…

This is the conclusion that could be drawn from this information:

An accidental discovery by a Vanderbilt University student, Michael Bowers, that could allow the creation of white light LEDs using crystals of a few nanometers that contain about 33 pairs of atoms.

Normally when these crystals are excited with electrons or light, they produce colored light. Our student was very surprised to obtain a beautiful white light instead of blue using a laser.

The advantage of this discovery is that we get 2 times more light, for a duration 50 times greater (more than 50 hours), than with a standard bulb of 000 Watts and this, without producing heat.

Another interesting point of this invention is the ease of use of these crystals which can be inserted into a paint or other supports and activated by electrical excitation.

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