ufc energy labels

Energy Label: improve information on energy performance and product durability

Energy label: The UFC has just published a study on the performance and durability of products which are a growing concern for consumers. While the revision of the Energy Label Directive is still underway at European level, UFC - Que Choisir publishes the final results of a qualitative survey (1) which highlights the very […]

Bioplastics in French supermarkets

Bioplastics in France: large-scale distribution is committed On November 19, 2009, on the occasion of the Mayors' Fair, an agreement was signed by the Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD), the bioplastics manufacturers (Club Bioplastiques , Plastics-Europe and Elipso), the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) and the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, […]

Pollution of new technologies: IT, internet, hi-tech ...

Complete and synthetic file on the environmental impact of new technologies High-tech pollution The development of the digital society generates overconsumption of energy and a constant increase in products, materials… and electronic waste. The governments and the industrialists begin to take the measure of the ecological cost of the new economy and act timidly. But for […]

Sorting: report Idelux in a container yard

Keywords: recycling, collection, waste, recycling center, selective sorting, province of Luxembourg, Belgium, Idelux, Fost… Find out more: Read more: report on the container park in Belgium at Idelux Corresponding subject of forums Sorting in practice for individuals. To tell you more about selective sorting for individuals, there's nothing like a good example, […]

The packages

What are the packaging for? A third of the weight of our bins comes from packaging. If we want to reduce the environmental impact of our waste, it is imperative to make an effort to reduce its quantity and harmfulness. But if the consumer, in front of his overflowing trash can, often has the impression that he has […]

our garbage

What do we do with our garbage? Our garbage cans are overflowing. Each year, a French person generates an average of 434 kg of household waste. But what happens to these mountains of garbage? For a long time, the choice for waste managers was simple: landfill or incinerate (with or without energy recovery). In short, we got rid of it […]

Industrial composting

Industrial composting Key words: recycling, compost, composting, green waste, organic waste, recovery. France produces nearly 600 million tonnes of waste annually, of which more than 400 is organic waste. For the latter, composting is a rapidly developing treatment method, favored by the current regulatory and sociological context. […]