The death of Jean Luc Perrier

Information on the death of Jean Luc Perrier, an exceptional independent researcher in solar energy during the 70s

Brief summary of JL Perrier's work

He worked in the solar and including solar concentration with a view to making solar hydrogen. He had succeeded in turning a hydrogen car Solar self-produced in his garden.

He died accidentally in August 1981 during a road accident: a collision with a truck… tanker. Hence the beginning of a legend about his death which is, from a source close to the victim, only accidental. Nevertheless JL Perrier had indeed received some threats… of which we do not know precisely the content.

Shortly before his death, he finished his book: solar, current status of applications

Article announcing his death

Death of Jean Luc Perrier

heliostat Perrier jean luc


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4 comments on “The death of Jean Luc Perrier”

  1. the truck responsible for the accident and the death of Jean-Luc PERRIER was owned by a transport company, the boss of which was the son-in-law of a boss of a company manufacturing boilers or tanks for nuclear power plants. Curious isn't it?

    1. Hello Boucher,
      You seem to like investigating, do you have reliable sources on the subject?
      We are also looking for information on a Saurer Truck which would have run on hydrogen on the roads of Angers in 1945: see the palé site. Do you have any clues?
      Do not hesitate to contact the Paleo-energetic investigation unit.

  2. To compare with the tragic fate of Stanley Meyer, the brilliant inventor of the water car, also assassinated by the thugs of the oil companies in Grove City in 1998.

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