Miniscule energy systems

Ten-cent-sized turbines, one-centimeter-square fuel cells ... Luc Frechette, Canada's new Canada Research Chair in Energy Microsystems at the University of Sherbrooke, works to produce power stations ENERGY
tiny things that could revolutionize our daily lives.

MEMS, or electromechanical microsystems, have been in existence for more than fifteen years and the novelty of the scientist's work is the subject of his research, namely the energy production systems. The field of MEMS is on the rise right now, on both the research and commercial side. The researcher hopes to develop his products within a decade.
He works mainly to develop mini steam turbines. Indeed, this old technology becomes interesting again on a small scale. This system could notably allow a much greater autonomy of laptops and cellular telephones.

The researcher indicates that there are still several details to settle, including that of heat, since there is combustion. But applications that allow for heat release are possible in the short term - for example, portable chargers or power sources external to electronic devices, such as camcorders or other audiovisual equipment that consume a lot of energy.

Sources: Stephanie Raymond - Liaison, 28 / 10 / 2004 - University of Sherbrooke
November 1er Edition 2004 / 39 Volume, 9 Number
Editor: Nicolas Vaslier MONTREAL,

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