Hydrogen thanks to solar energy

Researchers from the NRC's Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation in Vancouver presented a solar-powered hydrogen production system in early December.

The system uses electricity supplied by photovoltaic panels to power a Hydrogenics HyLYZER (TM) electrolysis module, which produces hydrogen from water. Ultimately, this hydrogen will be used to power a Ballard Nexa RM fuel cell module, which will serve as an auxiliary power supply for the research facilities of the NRC-IIPC. Photovoltaic panels were designed and installed by researchers at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

 They can supply up to 7 kW on sunny days, knowing that the storage of energy in the form of hydrogen will allow a continuous supply to be managed, despite weather fluctuations. BCIT's applied photovoltaic energy research team is responsible for all aspects of the development of photovoltaic systems, from the design and testing of various components to the installation and implementation of large photovoltaic systems. This so-called "clean" technology will make it possible to avoid the emission of greenhouse gases, something impossible in the context of the production of hydrogen from oil or natural gas.

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This project is the result of the federal initiative "Lead by example", planned by the Government of Canada to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its own activities. Maja Veljkovic, Executive Director of NRC-IIPC, hopes this kind of innovation will inspire customers, investors and researchers to use clean technologies for their next generation of products.

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