Growing a vegetable garden on a balcony, it is possible!

Spring finally arrived ! It is time to enjoy the first rays of sunshine and the flowering nature. For this, nothing better than to grow it yourself. No need to have a garden to have its corner of greenery, a balcony or a window sill will do the trick. Today, city dwellers increasingly need to escape the stifling atmosphere of the city and enjoy nature. This desire also manifests itself in the desire to eat better and to know the origin of the food. ShopAlike has therefore produced an essential guide to the creation of an urban vegetable garden in order to help city dwellers to build it easily and cheaply.

Saving biodiversity.

For people sensitive to ecological issues, build a vegetable garden in the city means more than grow their own vegetables. Indeed, having his home garden helps protect biodiversity provided they do not use pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals Your garden will become a haven of peace for pollinating insects such as bees , bumblebees, wasps or butterflies. Each year, they are up to 35% of bee colonies disappearing (1). To protect them and invite them on your balcony, you can plant the lavender subject to have a sunny balcony. This plant has the advantage of not being greedy in water and does not require much maintenance.

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Grow vegetables: something for the environment.

In addition to preserving biodiversity, produce oneself fruit and vegetables leads to reduce the negative externalities of packaging, transport, industrial production and therefore to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. According to a study CITEPA in 2013 (2), the agricultural sector represents about 20% of French emissions of greenhouse gases, hence the importance of reducing the activity of the post.

If you want to feed you healthier and protect biodiversity while reducing your expenses, go ahead and turn your balcony cocoon! This guide has been designed for those who have never had a green thumb but aspiring gardeners. The infographic details into four different stages to make it more green balcony.
Build your garden has never been so simple and environmentally friendly!

And for those lucky enough to have a real vegetable garden, we have also developed a Permaculture revolutionary technique without chemicals: the Phénoculture or Kitchen Garden Sloth

Check out the full guide from the garden of the balcony below

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Backyard balcony
Cultivate balcony with mini garden


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