Banking and financial crisis: econology in the newspaper Le Monde by Gérard Mermet

The famous sociologist Gérard Mermet published 3 days ago in Le Monde a very incisive article on our society and especially France.

The term “econology” as an alternative to the current mode of development (purely based on consumption and “growth”) is mentioned there. This is, to our knowledge, a first in a major newspaper like Le Monde.

Here is the introduction to the article:

"The financial bubble is exploding, poverty, hunger and inequalities are gaining ground in the world, at the same time as it realizes that the planet is degraded, that resources are limited and that the survival of living species does not. is more assured. Including ours. This unprecedented combination of difficulties, constraints and threats nevertheless constitutes a historic opportunity to transform the world and to live better there. France could, if it wanted, be at the forefront of this fight. "

Gerard mermet
We will be surprised (in a good sense obviously) by the "tone" of the article knowing the political influence and classicism of the World:

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“The moment has never been more opportune to reinvent the model of consumer society with which we have lived for fifty years, and which satisfies those who have benefited less and less. There is indeed a fairly weak correlation between the level of spending and that of contentment.

Consumption is akin to a search for consolation, a way to fill a growing existential void. With, the key, a lot of frustration and a little guilt, increased by the ecological awareness. "

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