Cellulose wadding insulation

Properties and characteristics of the main natural and ecological insulation.

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6) The tissue

cellulose insulation

It can be a product made from recycled paper, protected by harmless additives (boron salt and silicates) against mold, insects and fire. The insulation is then in the form of panels or in bulk.

It will be used on floors or roof joists or filling in the walls.

The second form of insulation made from cellulose is made from paper sludge (pulp unused paper) chemically untreated. It is then presented in bulk and can be installed in the traditional manner, by blowing, spraying or flocking.

  • Thermal conductivity: 0,04 0,05 to W / m ° C.
  • Thermal resistance for a layer cm 10: 0,1 / 0,045 2,22 = m² ° C / W..

We use ourselves this insulation is actually very economical, see: laying and cellulose wadding installation in lost attic.

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