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Corporate Carbon Footprint: Why Should You Seriously Consider Doing It?

Climate-related challenges are multiplying today, which is of concern to countries around the world. Many strategies are therefore deployed to contain the various negative ecological impacts as much as possible. Companies are therefore more committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. They therefore carry out a carbon balance sheet, which indicates the procedure to be followed to reduce pollution according to the chosen axis. What is really the interest of the corporate carbon footprint?

About the carbon footprint

Clear, a carbon footprint business is the aggregate of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions it produces. These are among others:

  • Methane;
  • Carbon dioxide ;
  • Nitrous oxide;
  • Tropospheric ozone;
  • Etc

These different gaseous elements are naturally found in the atmosphere. However, their concentration increases according to multiple human activities. As indicated in their name, greenhouse gases contribute to the aggravation of the greenhouse effect. It is certainly a natural phenomenon that contributes to the stability of ecosystems, but its increase is harmful. This is the source of the global warming that the Earth has known for several years.

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Climatologists are increasingly concerned about the impact of greenhouse gases. They are not the only ones, since it is today a subject that interests people from all regions of the world. Companies have therefore decided to play their part in the face of this problem, by taking strong action. Determining the carbon footprint they emit is a first step to better control their activities.

Why do a corporate carbon footprint?

carbon footprint

As indicated here, making the carbon footprint of your company is not mandatory. However, the law has provided for certain provisions in article L.229-25 of the environmental code. Every 4 years, companies with more than 500 employees must carry out a greenhouse gas emissions report. In addition, SMEs and start-ups can also carry out a carbon assessment if they wish. Here are a few reasons to do so:

Take concrete actions

By doing your carbon footprint, you can better commit to improving your company's carbon footprint. On a daily basis, this will allow you to implement more concrete solutions such as:

  • Reduction of waste;
  • Reducing your electricity consumption;
  • Raising employee awareness of sustainable mobility;
  • Etc
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Further, the carbon footprint can be a valuable aid in business decision-making. Indeed, it will guide you in the procedure to follow and the axes on which to work in priority.

Involve employees in the daily life of the company

A company is unlikely to exist without its employees. It is therefore essential to involve them in an eco-citizen dynamic to limit the organization's carbon footprint. The business manager therefore has the task of raising awareness among his employees about the adoption of new, more ecological habits. Many applications exist today and make it possible to follow the individual carbon footprint.

Save a lot of money

Doing a business carbon footprint can also reveal which items make up your organization's biggest expenses. In most cases, energy comes first. You can then adopt a policy that will allow you to control your energy consumption, for example. In the long term, this represents significant savings that the company can realize.

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Concretely, it may be a question of better managing the different lighting of business premises depending on the presence of employees. Of course, the different measures will also depend on the sector of activity of the company.

Communicate to the public

By doing your business carbon footprint and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions, you will be able to communicate effectively. The general public is now more sensitive to this theme, which can win you over. Do not hesitate to play this card in your communication, in order to stand out from the competition. Have your carbon footprint certified if necessary, to have a major advantage with the general public.

Obtain financing more easily

There are many grants you could benefit from to achieve your business carbon footprint. The latter can also be a strong argument with banks or investors to obtain financing.

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  1. I agree with the article on the importance of carrying out a carbon footprint for companies. With climate change becoming an increasingly pressing concern, it is essential that businesses take action to reduce their carbon footprint and help fight global warming. A carbon footprint can help companies identify areas where they can improve their energy efficiency and put in place strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, carrying out a carbon footprint can not only help companies comply with applicable environmental regulations, but also improve their reputation with customers and stakeholders, and save money in the long run. .

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