The architectural competition (s) simple (s) Algeco

For the 5th consecutive year, the Algeco brand has launched an architecture competition for young architects and students of interior architecture and design *. This year, for the 2015-2016 edition, the theme was: "Transit 2025: what is a transit location in 10 years? ". The objective was therefore to offer original and innovative solutions for developing moving places such as station halls, airports, parking lots, hotels, metro stations, etc. Focus on the big winners of this edition.

Running City by Algeco: 1er Awards

The first Prize of this edition was awarded to Ronan Thomas and Benoît Sallé, two architects in civil and urban engineering. They imagined a totem-type vertical module in the middle of the city housing changing rooms. The idea: to allow city dwellers to move around on foot, quickly and without constraint; the locker room to swap his sneakers for city shoes and his t-shirt for a clean shirt. The goal: to unclog the city with its cars and other motorized vehicles. A great way to combine health, pleasure and ecology!

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Alge co-: 2e Price

Fadwa Asbar and Mylène Grolleau, architects, received the second Prize this year. Their proposal: a versatile and modular transit location that is both practical and convivial. Exit individualism and hyperconnectivity, place to sharing and exchange: Co-nnecting, co-working, co-cooking, co-playing or Express & co…

The modular construction of Algeco lends itself perfectly to exchange while the ecological spirit seems omnipresent in this project.


Shelter: 3e Price

Finally, it was Mélaine Ferré, architect ADE HMO, who won the 3rd prize. His zen and soothing project proposes to escape and dare to be bored, the time for a “disconnected” break. Noble materials, a refined style, Mélaine Ferré's project imposes a break in our hectic lives.

Chrono-rail: the special jury mention

Marc Bergeal and Alexandre Zouein, both architects, presented a modular space responding to two issues: boredom and the impossibility of resting. This Algeco® module invites people in transit to use their time, time that would be totally lost without these developed transit areas.

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These promising projects can let us imagine a more convivial future in 2025, spaces of transit where everything will be possible and where everyone can enjoy meeting (alone, with strangers or during discoveries) in order to take full advantage of each minute of its existence.

* Competition open to students of architecture, interior architecture, design (Master level / 5th year) and young architects under 30 years of age on the date of registration. Participants register individually or in a group (max. 4 people).

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