European constitution and environment are in a boat ... guess who falls into the water?

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Dear friend (s), colleagues, and correspondent (s),

I must confess that there are 15 days, I would have hesitated to talk about global warming, even if France is only 0,1% of the planetary surface, and when it's cold at home it's hot elsewhere: all those who shivered might have tricked me adjectives that I prefer not to know, even if I received a few messages asking me if the Gulf Stream was not already stop.

Fortunately - well, so to speak ... That a thermometer ironed over 20 ° C before that spring takes away any hesitation coming! So my very lean production almost past quarter, forcing overload, but I have at least the satisfaction of falling right into the news with one of my productions:

- Because everybody sacrifices, I have no reason to make an exception to the comment texts, even if this kind of exercise do not always succeed me (4 / 20 the French box as what one survives to many things!): is the EU constitution good for the environment? Difficult to do something other than a response Normand:

- Causeries, 1: an interview published in "La Liberté", a daily newspaper published in Friborg (Switzerland), on the occasion of the entry into force of Kyoto:
Read the interview

- Lectures, 2: When you love the statistics, we never change, and I produced some figures on public I had in front of me when I do a climatico-energy indoctrination:
It should surprise more than one (e) ...

- Lectures, 3: a forum on our side Janus to tou (te) s published - so widely redacted, and without telling the reader, which is very bad - by Les Echos on the occasion of the entry into force

- Lectures, 4 (frankly approaching the counter of philosophy, I'm afraid): should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the ability of modern biped to roll up their sleeves to climate challenge?

- Statistics, again and again: I largely completed my page giving some framework elements on the distribution of gas emissions by source emissions:

Finally, I have excellent news for all the stingy people who were only waiting for the release of the pocket edition of "The Future Climate"
( ) to supply as little as possible the bank account of my publisher: this edition is available since the end of February, and if your bookseller does not have this little red book, I suggest you drag it to the Court of Justice of the Union European - it's appropriate - for "hindering the free circulation of climate ideas", no!

Best wishes to all

Jean-Marc Jancovici


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