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Tips for enclosing the outdoor space of your house

When you become the owner of a house with land, it is essential to consider the installation of a fence. Some real estate projects include them in the construction, but very often, they are work that is done separately. If you are in this situation and don't know how to choose the best fence for your garden, read on.

What are the advantages of fencing your garden?

Closing the exterior space of your house has three main advantages.

Secure your property

This is the first interest of enclose his house. Indeed, the fence is above all a barrier to protect its property from intrusions, deliberate damage and burglaries. In sensitive areas or large properties, a fence will be installed with blackout panels and electric gates with safety equipment.
When you have children, it allows them to play in the garden in complete safety. Have a fence and a fence is also very practical when you have a pet.

Protect your space from prying eyes

When you have a vis-à-vis with your neighborhood or proximity to the street, you lose a part of privacy. The blackout fence is therefore an ideal way to protect yourself and your family from prying eyes.

The fences are also very aesthetic

Fencing is also a great way to spruce up your home. This is the case when choosing to use more aesthetic materials or finishes. For example, on fences made of aluminum panels, we will add an openwork blade with patterns. For a land with a beautiful point of view, we will appreciate on the other hand the transparency effect of the mesh which will make it possible to delimit its land while having the possibility of enjoying the view.

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What are the different elements that make up a garden fence?

To be fully functional, the fence must be made up of several elements.

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The flexible mesh

It is a wire mesh that is found in the form of a roll. To install it, just seal stakes to the ground at regular intervals, dig a trench if you wish to bury the fence (recommended if you have a dog). Connect your stakes with wire that you will have at regular intervals on the height and unroll your netting. Secure it as you go with wire wraps. There are twisters (automatic winders) to go faster).

Rigid wire mesh

The rigid mesh comes in the form of panels to be placed on stakes. Very easy to install, it is also possible to bury it by digging a trench. Stronger and more secure, it will last longer than the flexible fence.

Solid or semi-perforated slat panels

For those who wish to have privacy or cut off the view to the road or to the neighborhood and passers-by, there are simple fence panels that are as strong as they are decorative. Today, the big trend is to install very designer aluminum panels formed from slats. Depending on the arrangement of the slats, the fence will become very decorative.


They are placed at regular intervals to support the fence. The distance between each stake is calculated precisely to allow it to withstand the wind and possibly shocks. They can be planted in the ground or sealed to increase its resistance.

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The gate or garage door

Le garden gate is an opening large enough to let in a vehicle. One can find gates made up of a single leaf or gates with several leaves. There are three opening systems:

  • The manual swing gate
  • The manual sliding gate
  • The automated swinging or sliding gate

The blackout panel

In some cases, it is not necessary to install a blackout fence along the entire length of the lot. This is the case when we have a large space or when we are not overlooked in certain places. To take advantage of the advantages of a mesh fence that does not hide the landscape, we can however install some blackout panels on the mesh near the house to have a little privacy vis-à-vis the neighborhood. Resellers specializing in the sale of fences and grids can be found wooden blackout kits or in composite material which will hide the view very well. To install them, it will be enough to fix them to the fence using pieces of wire.

How to choose the right fence for your house?

To choose your fence, you have to rely on several criteria and above all ask yourself the right questions in order to precisely determine your needs.

The budget

This is the first criterion to examine. How much money do you want to invest? look at the models available in these tariffs and examine the other criteria. Then come back to this first criterion and ask yourself the following thing: how much money can you invest? Increasing your budget allows you to have a stronger, more functional fence, an electric fence, more aesthetic or even secure.

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Assess your needs

To make sure you know what you want, start with your situation and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my place of residence?
  • Do i have children?
  • Do I have things to protect?

Depending on the answer, your choice will be on more or less blackout fences, more or less aesthetic, on motorized fences or on other functions. Indeed, the home automation progress allow other functions to be included in the portals such as remote opening or alarm control. Fences, as an essential security element in the house, are now perfectly integrated into home automation.

What is your level in DIY

This is also a very important question to ask. Today, most fencing and blackout panels are fairly easy to install and do not require special DIY skills. It is therefore a criterion to be taken into account, in particular for the calculation of the necessary budget so as not to be surprised by additional installation costs.
Thanks to his advice, you will be able to choose your fence or your fence with peace of mind and do not hesitate to contact specialist dealers in order to obtain more precise advice on their products.

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