Congo: Total discovers oil on Moho-Bilondo license

Total (operator, 53,5%) announces an oil discovery on the Moho-Bilondo operating license located at sea about 80 kilometers from the coast of the Republic of Congo, at water depths between 600 and 900 meters of water.

Drilled to a total vertical depth of 2 meters, the Mobi Marine 269 well made it possible to identify two new oil structures at the base of the Upper Miocene over a useful height of approximately 2 meters. This discovery is the first step in an approach aimed at bringing additional resources to the ongoing development of phase 30 of Moho Bilondo. The evaluation and development plan for these additional reserves are currently being drawn up.

The initial plan for Phase 1 of the development of Moho Bilondo launched at the end of August 2005 includes 12 subsea wells connected to an FPU (Floating Production Unit) whose production, of around 90 barrels / day on the shelf, will be evacuated to the Djéno terminal. Production is expected to start in 000.

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Total E&P Congo (53,5%) is associated on the Moho-Bilondo operating permit with Chevron Overseas Congo Ltd. (31,5%) and the Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (15%).


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