Conference: How to approach post Kyoto?

The climate issue has become central for Europe.
It is no longer debated about its reality but about political strategies. Faced with real uncertainties about the scale of the consequences, we must act. But how ? The Kyoto protocol? Not all have signed it. Does the example have a virtue? How should France and Europe approach post - Kyoto?

Laurence Tubiana heads the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations. It opens a cycle of high-level conferences that are open to all. It will continue throughout the year with the blue workshops. Strong also of its governmental experience,
Laurence Tubiana will present her own vision.

Conference - Confrontation and Extended Debate - Amphi colloque

Tuesday 25 January of 18 hours 15
to 20 15 hours by: Laurence TUBIANA
Director of Iddri
Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations

Leonardo da Vinci University Pole
Pedestrian: Defense metro station (92) then to the right of L'Arche
Car: Parking provided at 12 av Léonard de Vinci 92400 - Courbevoie (Map)

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