Calculate the potential hydraulic power of a waterfall

Calculation of an estimate of the hydraulic power given by a waterfall, stream or water flow

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Calculator developed by Volta-Electricity allows you to estimate the recoverable hydraulic power of a river or stream.

The result will give you an estimate of the electrical power that can be harnessed to generate hydroelectric electricity.

This can be useful if you have a stream near your home. This first result will give you an overview of the production possibilities. To measure the flow, it suffices to throw a float in the water and to measure the time in a measuring range, 10 meters for example. It is desirable to repeat the operation several times and to take an average.

The decimal symbol is the "point", there is no need to validate with the "Enter" key on the keyboard, you simply have to erase the default values ​​and enter the new values, the calculation is automatic.

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The power is given for an efficiency of the "blades + generator" system of 100%, which is an ideal case, the real power will be lower and will depend on the hydraulic and electrical technology of the installation. A correction coefficient of 0.6 to 0.7 is realistic.

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  1. Hola, mi explorer no tiene compatibilidad con la extension que usa su calculadora pero me interesa mucho saber las variables y su correspondencia para el cálculo. ¿Habrá forma de que pudieran compartirlas conmigo?

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