Central heating system components – importance and use

Central heating systems are an integral part of any modern building. Their aim is to guarantee adequate thermal conditions, regardless of the weather conditions outside. They are made up of a lot of different components that need to work together perfectly for the whole system to work effectively and efficiently. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different components of central heating systems and find out their importance.

plumbing fixtures

Hydraulic accessories are all components of a hydraulic system. heating which are directly linked to the circulation of the heating fluid, generally water. This includes circulation pumps, valves, thermocouplers, as well as various types of fittings and pipes. It is these components that are responsible for the efficient circulation of water in the system and its delivery to the various radiators.


Fittings are a set of components that ensure the safe and stable connection of individual parts of the heating system. These are different types of fittings, valves, bushings or pipes and tubes. A good connection is the guarantee of trouble-free operation of the entire system.

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Level indicators

Level indicators are elements that inform us of the state of the heating fluid in the system. They allow us to monitor the water level in boilers or storage tanks and top up or adjust the water level if necessary. Level indicators are a key part of any heating system to manage it efficiently.

Transfer Multisort Elektronik and heating systems

Transfer Multisort Electronics (TME) is one of the leading distributors of electronic and technical components in Europe. It offers a selection of products related to central heating systems. TME's offer ranges from hydraulic fittings to level indicators and connection fittings. All these components are available from a number of well-known manufacturers such as Hummel, ELESA+GANTER, which guarantees their high quality and reliability.

TME is not only a distributor, it is also a partner for companies and individuals who need complete assistance in selecting and purchasing the right components for their heating system. Professional advice, a wide selection of products and fast order processing are just some of the advantages that speak in favor of choosing TME as your cooperation partner.

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In summary, central heating systems are complex structures made up of many different elements. Each of them has its own importance and influences the efficiency and performance of the whole system. By choosing products from the TME offer, you can be sure that your heating system will operate efficiently and trouble-free for many years.

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