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Compare energy suppliers to save money

With all the alternative suppliers that exist, it is not always easy for individuals to know which energy offer to choose. The use of online comparators of energy suppliers is therefore a quick and efficient solution. These tools make it possible to compare energy contracts as a whole to find the most advantageous offer in order to save money.

Use an energy supplier comparator

In the current context, saving energy is a priority for all French households. To reduce monthly bills, many use online energy comparators which turns out to be a very effective solution.

How the energy comparator works

The energy supplier comparators all have the same operating principle. Each platform uses a database with details of all the energy offers available on the market. This database is regularly updated in order to provide users with recent information on the tariffs applied in all regions. The energy comparator presents offers according to your criteria. It can be your budget, the characteristics of your accommodation or non-tariff criteria such as the type of energy you are looking for. The electricity and gas comparators are quite easy to use.

You must first fill out an online form. The information to be provided may relate, for example, to the surface area of ​​your accommodation, the number of inhabitants, your electricity needs, etc. The algorithm will then draw up a list of proposed prices, in order of price. In this list you will have information such as the name of the supplier, the conditions of the tariff, the monthly subscription amount. The tool will also calculate the difference between your current price and the price of each available offer. There are also filters to facilitate the search by giving the user only the variable, capped or fixed tariffs.

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The energy comparator, easy to use

It is more interesting to use an online comparator rather than looking at the offers on the market yourself. You can indeed choose from the different energy offers the most suitable contract for your situation, thanks to the online energy supplier comparison. This represents a considerable saving of time. The intuitive tool aggregates offers from many providers and does the price comparison work for you.

You should know that France has several dozen energy suppliers each offering a multitude of offers. The proposals are not so easy to compare, their pricing being complex. Thanks to the'use of an energy comparator that you will find on a dedicated site, you will find offers adapted to your needs in a few clicks and free of charge.

online energy comparator

How to compare suppliers to find the cheapest?

Using an energy comparator is an effective solution for reducing bills. However, you must compare the offers properly.

The energy tariff

To efficiently compare energy suppliers, the most important criterion remains the price. Generally, energy suppliers offer discounts of 10% on the regulated tariff. You must take into account that all these discounts relate to the price excluding electricity tax. To have an exact overview of the energy price, you absolutely must compare the suppliers by consulting the price of electricity and gas including VAT (all taxes included).

The type of subscription

Energy suppliers offer three types of tariffs:

  • gas or electricity at indexed prices,
  • electricity or gas at a fixed price,
  • gas or electricity at free price.
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To compare energy suppliers, you need to know what these rates entail in order to make the best choice. The principle of the indexed price consists in offering a discount on the amount of the kWh excluding tax of the regulated tariff applying during the term of the contract, according to its variations. In addition, the price of kWh excluding VAT varies at the same time as the regulated tariff: every month for gas and twice a year for electricity. The indexed price guarantees savings on the regulated electricity sales tariff. Consumers who fear variations in the price of energy and gas can opt for the fixed price.

They will benefit from a discount on the regulated tariff in force at the time of subscription. The tariff excluding tax remains fixed for the period determined in the energy contract. It is particularly interesting to choose a fixed tariff when the price of energy drops. When a energy supplier opts for a free price, it is totally free from regulated tariffs. Of course, it is still subject to market taxes and market conditions. Free tariffs are generally very attractive, because the energy supplier freely chooses its tariff, it can also modify it when it wishes.

It must be attractive. For any price change, the energy supplier has the obligation to notify its subscribers in advance and must also give one month's notice so that the latter can view energy offers. We also advise you to take customer service into account (telephone and digital customer service). It must be reliable and efficient. These are therefore very important criteria that should not be overlooked when making your choice. It is preferable to take out an offer from a recognized energy supplier.

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Compare energy providers

Comparison of energy suppliers: other tips for reducing your bill

To find an energy offer at the best price, you need to consider a few parameters. Indeed, if the energy supplier comparator does almost all the research work for you, there may be steps to perform upstream or in parallel to ensure that you make the right choice. It is important to consider your personal and specific electricity and gas needs.

This step is essential, because depending on your consumption habits and the characteristics of your home, you will more or less easily save money with a subscription. Also consider using an online tool to estimate your needs or refer to your home's energy performance diagnosis (EPD). These two tools will show you the energy limits of your home, as well as its needs. If necessary, the performance diagnosis can direct you towards renovation work in order to improve theenergy efficiency of your home.

Can you switch energy providers easily?

You can change supplier as many times as you want thanks to energy comparators. You have the option of choosing a single supplier or two different suppliers: one for electricity and the other for gas. Changing supplier is free and does not involve changing your electricity or gas meter.

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