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How to find the best offer based on your energy consumption?

Finding the best deal on the energy market today in France can be a difficult exercise due to the variety of offers available. Indeed, since the opening of the French energy market to competition in 2007, several alternative suppliers have joined the former energy suppliers commonly referred to as incumbent suppliers. According to figures from the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), there are currently more than 40 energy suppliers each offering various offers to individuals. Do you know the energy consumption of your home? Discover here some tips to easily find an offer adapted to your energy consumption.

Use an energy offer comparator

Compare offershave a global vision of the energy market. You can then find out about the best electricity or gas suppliers as well as the different types of offers they offer. The comparison while keeping an objective vision makes it possible in particular to detect the strengths and weaknesses of each offer available on the market. With all this information, it is easy to choose and subscribe to an offer that corresponds to your Consumption habits.

To carry out this comparison, the traditional method consisted of contacting each energy supplier in order to find out about its offers and obtain an estimate. In addition to being difficult, this method can be time-consuming given the number of suppliers present on the market. For win time, use a online energy comparator updated regularly.

It's not only a fast, but also an effective way to find the best offer, adapted to your energy consumption. It allows you to obtain offers from different suppliers on your smartphone or computer in less than 5 minutes in order to compare them. You can even get a free quote in a short period of time.

A comparator of energy offers above all allows competition to be made to make considerable savings on electricity and/or gas bills. The tool presents you with personalized offers, in particular the cheapest at the moment, thus allowing you tosave: you earn up to €250 every year.

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All you have to do is fill out a form with information about your home and your energy consumption habits. If you know your exact energy consumption, all you have to do is provide the comparator with data such as:

  • the desired tariff option (Basic or Peak hours-off-peak hours),
  • the annual electricity and/or gas consumption (in kWh),
  • la meter power (in kVA),
  • the city or postal code of the residence.

If you don't have a precise idea of ​​your home's consumption, some energy comparators can help you first carry out a simulation or estimate.

online energy comparator

Follow specific selection criteria to find the best offer

An energy offer comparator can show more than 10 offers from different suppliers depending on your consumption and other information provided. Some of these tools give the possibility to filter the results, but for the most part it is up to you to sort the offers to choose the best one of all according to you.

For this, you must define and follow precise criteria. These can be the details or points to check about each supplier or the points to check in each offer to assess how advantageous it is. here are some criteria to follow to find the best offer based on your energy consumption.

Prices per kWh and subscription

The price excluding tax per kilowatt hour and the cost of the subscription used to determine the overall cost of energy vary from one energy supplier to another. Some offer in pre-contractual offers a cheaper price per kilowatt hour while the subscription is high.

However, the cost of the subscription corresponds to the fixed part of the invoice and remains unchanged throughout the duration of the contract. Under these conditions, even if the cost of your consumption obtained from the unit price of kilowatt-hour varies and is cheaper, the overall price of energy will always be high.

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You must therefore take these two prices into account at the same time to properly compare the different offers obtained with a online energy comparator. Do not look for the offer whose overall cost is the cheapest, but rather the offer whose unit price per kilowatt hour and the cost of the subscription are advantageous.

Whether or not the kWh price is indexed to the regulated tariff

There are several types of offers on the energy market in France. There are in particular the offers whose unit price per kilowatt hour is indexed on the regulated tariff imposed by the state and fixed-rate offers not indexed to said tariff.

Both types of offers are offered by all market players, whether incumbent energy suppliers or alternative suppliers. However, the offers of alternative suppliers are generally cheaper than those of incumbent suppliers because of the discounts they offer on the price per kilowatt hour.

Note that whether or not the kilowatt-hour price is indexed to the regulated tariff defines the how the cost of your consumption changes. The price of indexed tariff offers changes, for example, up to twice a year, upwards or downwards. On the other hand, this price in fixed price offers remains unchanged throughout the duration of the contract and you will be protected from any increases.

How to get in touch with an advisor or customer service

Tariffs alone do not make it possible to find the best offer corresponding to your energy consumption. You can have cheaper rates while it is difficult to reach an adviser from the company that provides you with energy in the event of a problem. You must therefore ensure the methods of contacting the customer services of the suppliers whose offers interest you.

You will usually have the choice between 100% online offers or fully digitized and offers with telephone customer service. In the first case, the supplier allows you to independently manage your online contract and contact customer service to ask your questions from an interface or a customer area. Depending on the energy supplier, this may be a web platform and/or mobile application.

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In the second case, you can reach a dedicated advisor via a phone call. Note, however, that offers with this type of customer service are sometimes more expensive than fully digital offers.

The quality of customer service

Make sure that the energy supplier offers quality customer service before choosing an offer that meets your needs and your energy consumption. Above all, ensure the availability of the customer relations team responsible for responding to subscriber concerns and responsiveness of the breakdown assistance team.

Do not hesitate to consult the opinions of former customers which are taken up by most energy comparators to find out about the quality of customer service. Customer reviews are indeed good indicators of customer satisfaction. You can also find out about trophies or prizes obtained by the providers thanks to the quality of the services they offer to their subscribers.

green electricity

The environmental impact of energy

To find the best offer, you can also take into account the environmental impact of the energy you will have to use. Choosing an ecological offer, for example, will be ideal for preserving the planet from greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of non-renewable energies.

Since some suppliers offer green energy and others do not, check and compare pre-contract offers by following this criterion. The 100% green energy offers generally include the words green electricity and/or green gas. Some are sometimes offered at more affordable prices than non-renewable energy offers.

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