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How to effectively fight back pain?

Back pain is now considered the evil of the 21st century. It affects all categories of people, regardless of age, sex or profession. It is not a disease as such and the causes are varied. It can be chronic or acute pain, or mechanical and inflammatory pain. The question that everyone asks is how to fight against back pain? Are there effective ways to relieve them?

The different types of back pain

There are different ways to categorize back pain. To begin with, they can be classified according to the painful area:

  • La neck pain : as its name suggests, this pain is localized at the level of the cervical vertebrae, that is to say at the top of the back and at the level of the neck.
  • La back pain : this pain is located at the level of the dorsal vertebrae, that is to say in the middle of the spine.
  • La lumbago : this pain is located in the lumbar vertebrae, that is, at the bottom of the spine.

Then, it is possible to categorize these pains according to their recurrence and their intensity:

  • The sharp pains : these are those that we feel following a trauma such as a fall, a shock, a fracture or a sprain. It is characterized by its intensity, but it is of short duration.
  • The chronic pain : those are mild to severe pain which tend to come back regularly. They are said to be persistent pain.

back pain at work

What are the different causes of back pain?

The causes of back pain are multiple, but it is possible to distinguish their origin:

  • The traumatic pain : these pains are consecutive to a shock, a fall, a sprain, a fracture or even a surgical intervention.
  • The mechanical pain : these are the pains one feels when moving a limb. They can be acute or chronic.
  • The symptomatic pain infectious, inflammatory or cancerous diseases.
  • The postural pain : often linked to the difficulty of the work, the loads carried or the posture taken on a daily basis. For example, a person who works in handling will complain of low back pain while an office worker will complain of neck pain.
  • The osteoarthritis pain (wear of cartilage and joints).
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What are the effective ways to fight back pain?

Back pain is not inevitable. Some pain is reversible, others can be alleviated.

The posture corrector

In online stores specializing in the sale of health equipment, there are solutions to prevent back pain. This is for example the case of low back pain that can be prevented with a posture corrector. It is not just a simple restraint belt, but a back straightener that will act on the position of the back. It also works for back pain. It is very easy to find a pharmacy posture corrector or on the manufacturer's website.

Made of adjustable back and lumbar straps at the waist with several levels of tightening, the back straightener adheres perfectly to the skin thanks to its silicone studs. On either side of the spine are the self-adhesive and semi-rigid postural pads. They are the ones that will guide your posture at all times so that your bust straightens naturally. You can use it in your workplace. This is the case for office workers who stay in a seated position for a long time, for employees who carry heavy loads such as warehouse workers, or for employees who walk a lot such as caregivers or nurses. )s.
Much more aesthetic and comfortable than a classic belt, the posture corrector is discreet under clothing to be easily worn in everyday life.

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Buy better bedding

For relieve acute or chronic back pain, it is important to have good bedding. For this, it is essential to favor memory foam and/or spring mattresses over classic foam mattresses. The choice of bed base is also decisive for back support. Tall and/or corpulent people who need more support will choose a firm mattress, while small and light people can opt for a soft mattress. For couples made up of a large and a small person, it is also possible to opt for a semi-firm mattress. The height of the bed is also very important, because back pain can come from difficulty getting up. To know if the bed is high enough, you have to sit on it and see if your legs are at 45 degrees and your feet are on the ground.

Adapt your workstation

The majority of people who suffer from back pain have an unsuitable workstation. This is the case of people who work sitting in front of a computer. The pain can be felt in three places of the back. When an office worker complains of neck pain, it's because the screen height isn't right. If these pains form in the back, it is the height of the desk that needs to be adjusted. On the other hand, if the pain is concentrated in the lower back, it is the seat that must be tackled.

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Opt for insoles

Some back pain is caused by the position of the feet. If you feel back pain after walking, after playing sports or after a day of standing work, it is likely that insoles can be the solution. For this, it is essential to consult your doctor beforehand so that he prescribes an appointment with a podiatrist. This one will take the imprints of the feet and will manufacture adapted soles.

Today, it is believed that everyone is exposed in one way or another to back pain. Whatever the type of pain, its recurrence and its intensity, there is still a possibility of making it disappear or of reducing it by adapting certain things to daily life and using the right equipment.

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