How to first pantone engine?

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Tutorial: How to change his first Pantone engine?

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You have already heard about the Pantone process without ever dared try it yourself? You have an available engine and would like to test this process which you have heard so much about? These pages are for you!

They help you change your "first" motor so that it becomes much less polluting and it consumes slightly less fuel ( reality nothing to do with the 70 or 80% water can be read on the net ... this is bullshit!)

This document is a quick introduction to Paul Pantone's "invention", followed by plans and tips for building your first prototype. The assembly presented is based on a small mower motor.

Attention these tips are far from applying to your vehicle (car or motorcycle) that will require much more work. In addition, it is generally the case of "water doping" which is retained in the case of a vehicle modification. To see concrete examples of pantonized vehicles on the forum, click here

We accept no liability for using these tips for application on public roads.

Contents of these pages (click to access the corresponding parts):


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