How to choose the wood heater?

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How to choose a heater with wood? What are the main criteria for selecting a wood heater?

The reader will read carefully the introduction of this file "heating with wood": why choose firewoodFor any questions on wood heating, see our forum heating and insulation.

This article will enlighten the reader who seeks a wood heater. If you have a specific question about a device or timber installation, feel free to ask on
our forum wood heating

The criteria in choosing a wood heater

There are three basic criteria in choosing a wood device, they are linked and the rest must take second place if you want to reach a wood-burning solution satisfactory to use for years.

3 the main criteria for choosing a wood heating:

- Your thermal needs. What do you need? A hot-air booster for one or a few rooms (which remain "frisks" in winter for example X or Y?), A replacement of an existing hydraulic boiler to mitigate your fossil fuel bill? Or a full central heating for your new home or in the case of a boiler change? 1 Criterion "My wood heating as an extra or integral"?

- The nature of firewood you use. This choice depends heavily on your region (price, availability ...), your ability to store "correctly" the wood, but also the desired comfort. 2 Criteria "Fuel Supply and Storage".

- How much money will I save on my energy bills by switching to wood? Heating with wood can be the most economical heating that is provided that the installation is done properly and that the fuel is quality. Because unlike oil or gas, there are strong disparity of price and quality between regions and between the provider. For more information on the potential savings of firewood read the article on heating wood types: advantages, disadvantages and prices useful energy..3 Criterion "Economic Profitability of My Wood Heating".

choose a wood heater
The main criteria to choose a heater

The "secondary" criteria

- Comfort level sought? complete automation, partial or no? The criteria are subjective and depend on your personal situation. For example, a boiler manual reloading wood logs is quite incompatible with a house remains empty 10-12h daily.

- The architecture of your home is it compatible with an extra wood heating? Thermally, not all dwellings are "designed" (far from it) to heat themselves with hot air on a localized source (partitioning). If this is not the case, work may be considered (sheathing for recovery and blowing hot air) but they will inflate the bill. Mechanically, it is necessary to be able to install the stove and the fumes evacuation obviously. If it is not present, the installation of an exhaust duct (smoke) to the roof will be necessary. Except with the pellet stoves that can be satisfied with a horizontal evacuation and a small external casing thanks to their blower.

- Your budget. The prices of a wood heating solution range from 200 to 400 € for a 1er sheet stove at 30 000 € and above for the automated boiler or "luxury" mass stove.

- The design of the device. Wood stoves are often put in the main living room, their design must meet your expectations and fit for the better at home. But be careful to always place the criterion "thermal performance" before that of "design" (unless you want a fire of wood "just for the eyes" of course and that heating is not your priority)

- The operating noise. With the first generation pellet stoves, the problem of noise from the fan proved quite annoying for some people. It does not allow its use in a room (or bedroom mezzanine for example) or even close to this one.

- Am I really prèt (e) to move to wood heating? Heating with wood is more restrictive than heating with fossil fuels. To be honest, even 100% automatic boiler you will never reach the comfort of a gas or oil boiler.
You will, for example:
- Periodically clean the heat exchanger of your boiler (also for a fuel oil boiler but less frequently)
- Check the condition of your pellet storage silo,
- To clean the chimney more often than oil.

There are some problems caused by wood heating in browsing our forum heating.

But the Wood heating also has many advantages making it a popular means of heating. France, beginning in the late 2000 years, more of a focus on 4 was basking in the woods, extra or main source of energy!

This is for generalities to know before embarking "headlong" in the choice of one solution or the other.

A future article will detail the different types of wood-burning appliances.

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