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How to arrange your garden furniture in an eco-responsible way?

Landscaping and furnishing a garden in an ecological way means making a contribution to the Environmental Protection and natural resources. But at the same time, the garden is a real living space that turns into a space of relaxation. It is therefore important to put in comfortable and trendy furniture, to take full advantage of this space. To have comfort in your garden furniture, while adopting an eco-responsible approach, here are some practical tips.

What type of garden furniture should you choose for an eco-responsible approach?

Many people think that green decoration will require more money. But the truth is, quality patio furniture exists to suit all tastes and budgets. You can for example find wooden or woven resin furniture. These are much more ecological materials than plastic that we find too often in our gardens.

In addition, with furniture "made in France" resulting from sustainable forestry, you participate in reducing the pollution caused by the long transport of furniture imported from Asia. Moreover, the catalogs of French manufacturers are not poor. You will find garden tables, creative armchairs and other sun loungers. The more do-it-yourselfers can make their own garden furniture with reclaimed wood pallets

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The garden furniture

If you want to create a pleasant and warm space in your garden, the ball table and its comfortable seats are the accessories to favor. The garden Lounge comes in several models: wooden, fabric, modular, etc.

As elegant as it is ecological, the wooden garden furniture from sustainable use will be the ideal accessory for your convivial evenings with friends! It will also fit perfectly into the surrounding nature of your garden, its greenery, trees and plants.

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Creative armchairs and sunbathing

In a garden, the ideal is to have nice, simple chairs with an oiled finish. They must be easy to store, while offering the possibility of being folded. It is not uncommon to find reclining chairs that provide maximum comfort. They can be padded or not, depending on their style.

The garden, like the pool deck, is the perfect place to sunbathe. In order to choose the right furniture, prefer a wide seat that has a reclining backrest and well-designed curves to offer maximum comfort.

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The arrangement of the eco-responsible garden furniture according to different styles

Thanks to its natural charm, wooden furniture is suitable for an exotic decoration. It brings a warm atmosphere and allows to obtain a designer living room when choosing furniture with a refined style. According to your tastes, you can choose the natural color of the wood or colored versions.

The following woods will be good choices:

  • Acacia;
  • Rattan;
  • Pine;
  • Ash;
  • The Oak.

The pine must be autoclaved and be class 3 or 4 to be resistant to external aggressions. You can also create a bistro-style atmosphere with woven resin furniture. You can also consider adding accessories such as a shade sail (more ecological than the parasol).

Arranging your garden furniture also means deciding on the type of soil you want. If you are more rural, it is advisable to use the lawn. To create a loft style, choose the grating or another wooden slab. To make it more natural, you can choose Japanese steps, or natural stone covering or reconstructed.

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Design your garden ecologically can seem difficult at first. However, with quality furniture, the entire decoration will follow a certain logic, for a rendering as superb as it is respectful of Mother Nature!

Other ecological ideas on the DIY and decoration using wooden pallets

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