CO2, car advertising is illegal in Europe

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All advertisements for cars would be illegal in Europe against a little-known EU directive.

The great magazine but little misunderstood Imagine just "reveal" the case.

Here are the facts by David Leloup.

"European NGOs are launching an international campaign to encourage the largest number of Belgian and European citizens to lodge complaints against car advertising. Objective: that the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of vehicles are finally mentioned in large print. As foreseen by a European directive that nobody had noticed so far.

Almost all broadcast advertisements for cars in Belgium and Europe, in newspapers, magazines and on billboards, would not meet the Directive 1999 / 94 / EC on the "availability of information on consumption fuel and emissions CO2 ". Pierre Ozer, a researcher at the Department of Science and Environmental Management at the University of Liege, is convinced.

It refers to the Royal Decree of 5 September 2001 which transposes the directive into Belgian law, which specifies that the consumption and emissions of CO2 of a vehicle "must be easily readable and at least as visible as the main part of the information appearing in the [advertisement] ". However, the researcher believes, this is not the case, the emissions are systematically mentioned in small print. He has therefore lodged a complaint, privately, against about fifteen pubs with the Advertising Ethics Jury (JEP), the self-regulatory body of the sector, as well as with the Directorate General Control and Mediation of the Federal Public Service Economy. "

Here is what should look like advertisements cars if the Act were respected:

automobile CO2 pub

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