Air conditioning and refrigeration solar adsorption

The “Solar energy” dossier was completed by an article (and 4 downloads) on Swiss research concerning solar air conditioning by adsorption (not to be confused with absorption refrigeration) for applications in developing countries… see with us!

The technology is very new, but the benefits are many and the principle is very promising!

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  1. Flat solar collectors – These are structures with a glass cover that are installed on the roof. Inside the collectors there is a series of copper pipes. The entire structure is covered with a black material designed to best capture the sun's rays. These rays heat a mixture of water and antifreeze which descends from the collector to the water radiator, generally located in the lower part of the building. However, the sun's rays can be used not only for heating but also for cooling rooms. In fact, solar air conditioners use solar thermal to produce cold air or dehumidify it in the same way as conventional chillers or dehumidifiers. This application is particularly interesting because the demand for air conditioners increases precisely in periods when there is more sun. Solar air conditioning is a reality.

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