Climate change and energy top global experts

According to the latest edition of the Survey of Sustainability Experts, climate change and energy are top of mind for world experts. And energy is leading the least sustainable sectors. This study, conducted every two years by Globscan, interviews 3.000 "experts" from all sectors (ministers, administrations, journalists, academics, representatives of companies and NGOs ...), mainly in OECD countries. This year, while the authors of the study expected to see items related to sustainable development top of mind, 84% of respondents cited climate change among the dominant issues of the coming years, followed by renewable energy (77%), energy savings (76%). Corporate social responsibility comes next with 67%, in the face of the effects of pollution on human health (53%) and the supply of drinking water (52%). Asked about the main drivers of corporate action in the field of sustainable development, these experts put the economic instruments at the top (69%) but the regulation made a significant breakthrough (from 39% of responses to 62% between 1999 and the last study). "Green consumption" is cited by only 51% of the experts.

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