The climate worries the CEO of Lloyd's

Governments and global companies must act quickly to reduce the climate change risks that should be the subject of greater debate in the United States, Peter Levene, chairman of the Lloyd's insurance group, said Friday.

He also warned against the recurrence of cyclones like Katrina, who had devastated the southeastern coast of the United States in 2005, but this time would hit the Atlantic coast, where cities like New York, Boston are located and Washington.

"The insurance industry today faces the risk of a billion-dollar 100 mega-disaster, twice as bad as Katrina," Levene told a news conference in Washington.

He acknowledged that he himself was skeptical in the past about the reality of climate change. "We can not afford to disprove the risks of disasters. So, two years after Katrina and a year before the US presidential election, where is the national debate on this theme? ", He asked Friday.

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