The climate ? Worse and worse…

"2004 was one of the four hottest years in the history of the planet since temperature recordings were made, that is, since 1861."

"The Argentine daily Clarín" reports on the report of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) presented on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 in Buenos Aires.

Nothing reassuring, to believe this body which depends on the United Nations. “Prolonged droughts, heat waves, increase in the number of hurricanes in the North Atlantic, first hurricane ever observed in the South Atlantic… These are the most significant climatic events of this year 2004”, summarizes Clarín.

“The average world temperature in 2004 is 0,44 ° C higher than that of 14 ° C measured over the period 1961-1990. October was the hottest month on record in the world… "Experts don't just worry about their physical and chemical measures, such as the dramatic decrease in the Arctic ice cap, or ecological dramas, like the fires in Alaska, which have reached unprecedented proportions.

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They note that these climatic variations have above all a "human cost". “The prolonged droughts in Mozambique, Lesotho, Kenya or elsewhere obviously have consequences for agriculture. In Kenya, where it rains less and less, food production in 2004 was 40% lower than in 2003. Floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh killed at least 1 people and left millions of people in misery even worse than before. In China, landslides linked to the floods have caused more than 800 deaths. Hurricane Jane killed 1 Haitians, and the other hurricanes killed more than 000 people in the Caribbean and the Philippines…

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